Thursday, 8 February 2018

Soldiers Deployed To The Anglophone War Zone Say They Are Dying Of Hunger And Malnutrition, And Can't Take It Any More

Soldiers deployed to the North West and South West Regions to fight against the grieving population are complaining of malnutrition, and the non payment  of their daily feeding allowances.

According to the 'Repères' newspaper on kiosk yesterday Wednesday February 7, 2018, the guys are VERY VERY unhappy and complain that; "they give us cold food. It is an unimaginable war meal. Jellof rice that comes in small  cartons containing cans. Inside, the  small equipment they give is lighter for heating. What is more painful is the fact that we eat the same kind of food everyday. Overdose salt in the food makes it even more difficult for consumption." 

The paper also relays that in the North West and South West Regions, the allowances for daily feeding is also a problem, especially as it is no longer being paid regularly for some time now. The soldiers say the 2000 F daily feeding allowance that they used to receive, are no longer being paid.

"That is the reason why they serve us cold food, which many colleagues are condemning. Even the 2000 F CFA is not enough to keep a soldier fit and energetic. The cost of living is too high here. 2000 F CFA is too small and insufficient to meet our needs. Since the population knows that we are of the army, they sell a plate of food worth 500 F CFA for 1000 F CFA. So if we eat a plate of food for 1000 F CFA in the morning, another one in the afternoon, know that we will have to undergo fasting in the evening." A soldier complained under anonymity.

"Don't forget the fact that we are mobile, which makes one even more hungry. If only they were authorizing us to go and look for money anytime, we would certainly not be facing any such problem. Those with ATM cards don't have that much trouble. They are forced to dodge from time to time to go and withdraw money to ameliorate their lifestyle." The source concluded.

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