Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Requests An Audience With President Paul Biya From His Prison Cell, To Tell Him All - Name Calling On His Agenda

While Social Media has gone silent over their demands of a footage from government showing Sisiku and the rest alive, some people including their legal counselors and very close relatives, have actually seen and spoken to them, under oath of sealed their lips.

Sisiku and the rest have been in SED since their extradition to Cameroon last January 26th, and according to information from sources very close to the situation, when they were arrested in Abuja last January 5, their phones were seized and their brief cases concerning 'strictly confidential' documents confiscated. 

The phones and the documents had messages from top officials in the Biya's regime, who have been working with the separatists under the dark earth to overthrow Etoudi.

During interrogation, it is alleged that Sisiku AyukTabe, President of the non existing Ambazonia Republic said he was ready to tell it all for his liberty, and that of all those arrested with him.

He told their investigators that he will only make what ever revelations he has to make to Mr. President himself, and this information has been sent to the Head of State, who gladly welcomed the news, and is making arrangements for the meeting to happen.

Meanwhile, the guilty in Yaounde and abroad are already sweating in panic, and sources say some are already leaving the country, before the bomb blasts.

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