Friday, 23 February 2018

Shocking Revelation: Torture Room Discovered At The Gendamerie Ndogbong In Douala

Ibrahim Chayi, a roadside drug(medicine) seller was recently a victim and witness of a hidden torture room in the Ndogbong Gendamerie Douala, and has made shocking revelations on how Cameroonians are being illegally arrested by gendarmes and some individuals, who falsely accuse them,  torture them in that cold dark graveyard-like room all in a bid to extort money from you.

Reporting the details of Ibrahim's misadventure, 'La Nouvelle Expression' newspaper of Thursday February  22nd, says security sources have revealed that 'there is a well structured wide network of gendarmes and some civilians, who buy products, and return them days after, claiming the yare fake, so as to extort money from the vendors.'

Ibrahim Chayi who recently fell victim narrated the horror story to the above mentioned Newspaper.

"On January 25, I was arrested by gendarmes and and a civilian, who accused me of selling fake drugs. The customer had earlier come to buy Laroxyl, a product good for hypertension patients. That same day, a gendarme came in a vehicle, accompanied by two passengers. They parked in front of me, arrested and took me to the Ndogbong gendarmerie. When we got there, they showed me series of drugs which  I  couldn't identify, and said I was the one who sold them to the customer who had earlier bought the Laroxyl. I was locked up, and at about 8 p.m. they extracted me from the cell, and lashed me 25 strokes of machete under the sol of my feet, without telling me what my crime was. We were about 27 of us in locked up in one cell, without water or toilet, under the same pretext." Ibrahim narrated.

On January 31st, Ibrahim was given a phone  to call his family, and ask them to bring the sum of three hundred thousand francs(300 000F CFA) out of the one million francs(1000 000F CFA) that they charged him to pay, for allegedly selling fake drugs  fabricated by himself'

'La Nouvelle Expression' reported that they contacted, the head of the National security in the Littoral, who acknowledged haven received complains to that effect, and said 'such an act was dishonourable to the gendarmerie corps.' 

A military complain has been filed against a certain Major Constable Tenkeu, who has accepted that he is one of the culprits tell, but refuses to call the names of his accomplices.

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