Friday, 9 February 2018

President Biya's 14 Years Old Niece Grabs Scholarship To Study At The Prestigious US Harvard University

14 years old Paul Kimberly Robles Biya Bi Mvondo, a niece to President Paul Biya is one of the latest  proud recipients of a scholarship to attend the prestigious Harvard University in the United States of America.

Presented over CRTV as one of the most inspiring youths of today, Kimberly obtained her Baccalaureate in Science last year at the age of 13. She was one of the 2000 candidates, who sat for the competitive entrance examination into the Harvard University organised by the US Embassy in Cameroon for Cameroon( and one of the 34 500 candidates across the world).

She passed the entrance examination with an average of 16.88/20, which automatically gave her a scholarship ticket into the Harvard University, where she will study for 4 years as a Pilot.

Kimberly said she did not attend the Nursery school, and skipped some classes to become one of the youngest University students of our time. "I did not attend nursery school. I jumped a series of classes, because I was very intelligent. I reached Upper Sixth at 14, passed my Baccalaureate, and thanks to my hard work, I have been granted a scholarship at the Hard University."

The brain box also admitted  she is the niece of President Paul Biya, “ I call him either papi or the great lion ( le vieux lion) each time we meet at home", but also said her success did not come because of their relationship, but through meritocracy.  "I succeeded in this competitive examination on my own. Because I am intelligent. Americans do not care if you are this or that's daughter. My happiness depends on me. I am an inspiration to the nation." Kimberly said on TV.

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