Monday, 12 February 2018

Pregnant HIV Positive woman poisons husband, alleging he Infected her, but lands herself in trouble after he Tests Negative

Pregnant HIV Positive woman  poisons husband, alleging he infected her, but lands herself in trouble after he Tests Negative 

35 years old pregnant Pauline is explaining herself at the Douala Judicial Police for attempting to kill herself and her husband Charles, by poisoning their food, after she was diagnosed HIV Positive.

In January, Pauline who was five months pregnant carried out a series of prenatal clinical examinations, among which was HIV. Few days later, she went for the results, and was confused when diagnosis revealed she was HIV and Malaria positive.

Shocked and angry,  she went home but did not disclose anything to her husband. Instead she decided to kill him and kill herself because according to her ignorant self, she had never cheated on Charles through out their six years of marriage, and thus concluded he infected her, especially with the numerous  infidelity crisis they have been battling with.

On February 3, she prepared food, spiced it with poison and served her husband and herself. Fifteen minutes after eating, the poison started manifesting on them.

While they were complaining about severe stomach ache, Pauline  removed her medical results from the envelope, and gave to her husband, telling him she will not die alone, and revealed that the food they just ate was spiced with poison to kill them both, promising him they will meet in hell. 

Before she could finish her curses, she fell unconscious, but her husband struggled on his cellphone in pains, and called his closest neighbour for help.

Before the neighbour arrived, the Charles too had gone unconscious, with foam coming out from their mouths. They were rushed to the Douala Laquinitini hospital, where the poison was immediately purged out of their systems, and thank God they survived it, but  Pauline lost the baby.

When they were fully recovered, their doctor took them for counselling, and Charles who until then thought he was HIV positive was asked by the doctor to carry out the test.

To the greatest astonishment of his wife and their counselor, he tested negative, and  became very hostile to his wife.

He dragged her to the police station by force, where he accused her of killing their unborn baby and attempting to kill him. The police is investigating the matter, and Pauline might face the law for wanting to execute the law by herself.

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