Friday, 23 February 2018

Paul Biya Supports Mbah Ndam's In-house Campaign With 150 Million F CFA, To Have Joshua Osih Off-Piste For The SDF Presidential Choice

Yaounde is feeling threatened with SDF Presidential candidate Joshua Osih, should he win Mbah Ndam and the rest to become the flag bearer for the SDF party in the upcoming Presidential elections, and so are fighting tooth and nail to kick Joshua Osi out.

Ni John too has stepped off the piste, giving Joshua Osih a 90% chances over the other  contestants of the party.

Knowing that Cameroonians want a fresh young blood as a President, which is everything Joshua Osih has, Biya feels his chances will be very slim, even if he frauds the elections as usual to WIN.

On the other hand, Hon, Joseph Mbah Ndam who has also manifested his interest to stand for SDF in the race, is an old friend of Biya's CPDM party, and if he leads SDF in the elections, he won't get the number of votes as Joshua will, because of their political charisma and age differences.

In this light, in order for Biya to stand above in this elections, Joshua Osih MUST NOT represent SDF. The Biya's regime prefers their old friend Mbah Ndam, whose presence in the presidential race will demotivate many especially the youths, from voting for SDF, so Biya will get the glorious victory as usual. 

For Mbah Ndam to knock out Joshua Osih in the race, le wouri info hints that  President Biya has sent him the sum of One Hundred and Fifty million Francs, to carry out his campaign within his party, and gain victory over Joshua Osih.

Sources in the ongoing SDF National Convention confirm that Mbah Ndam actually accepted the parcel from Etoudi, and  is using it to buy the consciences of militants of his party.

This also explains the heavy presence of the Gregoire Owona led delegation to the ongoing SDF National Convention n Bamenda.

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