Monday, 19 February 2018

'Only Federalism Can Put An End To The Ongoing Anglophone Crisis' - Nfon Victor Mukete Tells Jeune Afrique

Nfor Victor E. Mukete, Paramount Chief of Kumba and Senator for the ruling CPDM party has blamed his party's chairman President Paul Biya and his entourage, for allowing the anglophone crisis to escalate to the level it is now, and say 'only Federalism can put an end to the ongoing anglophone crisis.' 

The closed to 100 years old politician and business magnet  during a recent interview with Jeune Afrique, decried the marginalization of the anglophones, saying it is unacceptable.

"The marginalization of anglophones is extreme. With only 10 anglophones in a government of 60 Cameroonians, no one can be at ease with that." He told Jeune Afrique on kiosk yesterday Monday February 19, 2018.

Concerning the ongoing violence in the two English speaking regions, Senator Mukete says he condemns the killings of  both civilians and military, but still blames it on the government for being responsible for the way things have tuned out. He said all this violence would have been avoided, if the Central government would not have arrested and imprisoned the leaders, who were only making social demands at that time."We would have avoided the escalation, if we would have not arrested and imprisoned moderate leaders, who were only making social demands." "If we had also refrained from clamping down on the voices of the protagonists on both sides, we would have avoided all theses". He said

This is not the first time the Senator is hammering on the government concerning the anglophone crisis, even before it went haywire. During the launching of his book 'My Odyssey: History of the reunification of Cameroon' on Nov. 27th 2015 in the North West Regional Capital of Bamenda,  the Senator made a declaration, that still echoes today around the walls of Etoudi today. When you have two children and one is constantly complaining, you must listen and resolve the problem otherwise the situation could explode one day and it will be difficult to put the pieces together Nfon Senator Victor Ei Mukete said back then. 

For him, there is no doubt that English speakers are marginalized in Cameroon. According to him, many laws are inaccessible to Cameroon’s English-speaking population because of the language barrier. 

'These texts are written in French only.' 'Worse', said the paramount leader of the Bafaw, 'some officials of Yaounde have their speech in French when on a working visit at the English-speaking society. What an aberration.'

Can an anglophone read a speech in English in Ebolowa?” Protested the oldest member of the upper house of parliament. As if to say that reading a speech in a foreign language from that of the local population is preaching in the desert. 

When I speak some interpret as saying that I advocate the division of Cameroon. No. I am for a united and indivisible Cameroon. And as Kwame Krumah said, 'Africa must remain united.theDamage caused to blacks by settlers are unimaginable'," continued the Senator.

After that book launch declaration in late 2015, he was sidelined for the 2016 Traditional presentation of  New Year Wishes to the Head of State at his Etoudi Unity Palace. We wonder what will happen to him, after this new reality talks.

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