Thursday, 15 February 2018

"Nothing will disturb elections in Cameroon this year." Minister Tchiroma Assures Cameroonians

The Minister of Communication and Mouthpiece of the Cameroon government Issa Tchiroma Bakary has assured Cameroonians that all elections programmed for this year will and MUST hold.

Minister Tchiroma who is in Garoua since Monday February 12, 2018 has been talking to local radio stations, assuring the population that elections will hold, despite the social unrest in some of the regions.

"Nothing can stop elections this year in Cameroon. I am convinced in my capacity as mouth piece of the government, that all necessary security measures have been taken, and that other measures will be taken so that the elections take place peacefully in all the ten regions." Tchiroma said. 

Concerning the participation of his party Front for the National Salvation of Cameroon(FNSC) in the upcoming elections, Tchiroma says his party will go for the Senatorial elections, even though they don't have great counselors.

"The only battle lost in advance is that which is not fought. My party will be at the senatorial, even though we don't have great electors. FNSC is that party which grows each day that passes. We will surprise you  during the senatorials. If we only go to battle because we are sure to win, I assure you that we become an amateur of politics. We have been to the fronts so many times and we did not win. But each time an opportunity presents itself, we will go to the front. FNSC is a party of hope. It is a party that listens to the population and bring them what they want to ameliorate their needs". He boasted to the press.

In the coming days, Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary will be organising a grand meeting to salut President Biya for everything he has been doing for the people of the Northern Region.

"The Head of State just gave a Faculty of Medicine to Garoua. We have a reference hospital, part of the AFCON team will be lodged in Garoua. Hotels, roads, airport, hospitals will be rehabilitated to accompany this African Cup of Nations. As an elite of Garoua, in my capacity as a collaborator of the Head of State, in my capacity of as National President of the FNSC, I want to thank the President for making Garoua the leading locomotive of the development and emergence train in Cameroon. A mega meeting will be held to thank him." Tchiroma announced.

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