Thursday, 8 February 2018

Minister Alamine Ousmane Mey Slaps Cavaye Yeguie On The Face On Board A Flight To Maroua, As Cavaye Fumes And Vows To Have His Pound Of Flesh

Barons in Biya's government from the Northern Region Alamine Ousmane Mey Minister of Finance(MINFI) and Cavaye Yeguie Djibril - President of the National Assembly(PNA) yesterday Thursday February 8 2018, had an intensed silent clash of power, on board a Camair-Co flight  to Maroua.

According to Boris Bertolt reporting this sweet gist of the higher ups, the MINFI, Minister Hele Pierre of Environment and Protection of Nature  and other top officials including the 78 years old PNA, boarded the Camair-Co flight to Maroua yesterday afternoon. The ambiance was neither tensed nor relaxed, but one could see some Judas smiles on their faces, as they chatted on the affairs of the country.

While in the air, a flight attendant announced that the flight will first make a stop in N'Djamena - Chad before flying to Maroua, which was not on the initial itinerary, though she did not announce the reason for the decision. No one on board question the change of route as well.

When the plane landed in N'djamena, papi  Cavaye was shocked when he discovered that the instructions for the change of destination came from 52 years old Alamine Ousmane MEY, who was heading a four man delegation to a funeral in Kousseri, not far from N'djamena. 

The MINFI and his men  went off the flight, before the plane took the route to Maroua to drop off the PNA who was fuming in anger, saying he would not take the slap from a rat as petty as the MINFI.

The source says the PNA has been calling his age mates complaining bitterly how he was disrespected by the 52 years of MINFI. 'This child is too disrespectful to elders' the PNA could be heard complaining on phone.

This is not the first time the MINFI is stepping on the toes of his papis, who cannot swallow their pride and accept his supremacy on them as boss of the biggest Ministry in the country.

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