Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Military Man On The Run For Attempting To Rape An 11 Years Old Child

A military man on service in Ngaoundere is on the run, after he unsuccessfully attempted to rape 11 years old Saiba in the Bukina Namokala neighbourhood. 

Chief Sergeant Maipang Abono is reported to have been caught trying to force himself on little Saiba on the night of Wednesday February 14, 2018, when the whole was celebrating love.

The mother of victim came in just on time, to stop the abominable act. "I heard my daughter's voice in distress, and came out of the house with a a touch, and followed where the voice was coming from. I pushed opened the toilet door, just to see Sergeant naked, at the point of penetrating her. I asked him to let go of my child, even though I was afraid that he could pull his trigger at us. I succeeded in pulling my daughter from his strong grip, and he pushed me aside before taking to flight, forgetting his gun carrier in the toilet ." The mother of the victim explained.

The family of little Saiba has dropped a complain with the Police, and the Sergeant is still on the run.

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