Sunday, 11 February 2018

"I am not pregnant! - I just have a 13cm FIBROID" UK Based Blogger Bandy Kiki Says, Repudiating Pregnancy Allegations

Yesterday, we reported that controversial Cameroonian UK based blogger sister Bandy Kiki was pregnant, after she shared a photo of her protruding belly with fans on her page with the caption of a teaser on her upcoming birthday.

However, Thatcher was the first blogger who broke the news, and Kiki reposted Thatcher's post, asking what her fans thought.

Well 80% of them like Thatcher, saw a small human being growing inside the tummy, and many showered congratulatory messages.

However, the blogger took to he Facebook page, to refute the pregnancy allegations, narrating a pathetic life story of how she is battling with with a 13cm fibroid.

Read her reaction below:

"I am not pregnant! - I just have a 13cm FIBROID.
It is so sad how we are so quick to make conclusions about others and especially when it relates to ones well and self being. I recently made a post showing my "protruding" belly and fans/critics have been swift to spread the word about me being pregnant. Worst of it is the majority insinuating that "Kiki, the famous Lesbian, is pregnant" - and seeking to discredit my sexuality. It is really sad and depressing, to say the least, especially for the weak hearted, how public opinions can quickly turn around a crisis situation for their own gains and especially without any proper verification.

A few people within my clique have advised me against sharing my story but well, I think sharing it can inspire or empower someone.

I have always had a big bottom and a small top for as long as I can remember. About 4 years ago, I started noticing changes on my lower belly. It was growing bigger and I felt bloated all the time. As the years went by it went bigger and a part of me thought my body is just changing with age.
After about two years later, I started feeling lower back pain and my lower belly was really hard. I was advised to consult my Doctor, which I did. I went through a series of medical tests ranging from pregnancy, HIV and much more yet they couldn't find out what was wrong with me at the time.
Fast-forward to 2016...I went shopping and fainted at the town centre. I was rushed to the hospital where I was blood tested and found with an alarming low rate of iron. I was then referred to see a Gynecologist who then discovered the 13cm Fibroid in me.
And since then it has been a battle for strength, survival and against stereotypes.

I have been on several regiments and medications in attempts to shrink it and/ or dissolve it. None have proven successful. Other recommendations including surgery have been brought to light but I am yet to make the best decision for myself. I have read so much about it - attended forums and seminars about it as it seems to affect so many women out there with no easy cure to it.
So, I am reaching out incase someone is dealing or has dealt with this malaise and how are they coping? What solutions are possible? What advise can I share or gain from someone out there?
As for the stereotypes and insults, I have grown beyond them all. I hope my critics find more meaningful resources to share than always finding ways to discredit my sexuality. 

And for the record, being a lesbian doesn't mean you can not bring a child into this world. I will hope we grow beyond out naivety and ignorance to become more knowledgeable in this changing world."

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