Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Fru Ndi Bows Down In Fear To Secessionists' Threats And Takes SDFs National Congress To The Bamenda Congress Hall

SDF's Shadow Minister of Communication Jean Robert Wafo, has announced a change of venue for the upcoming SDF National Congress in Bamenda, following threats from Secessionist to burn down Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi's Ntarikom resident, should the congress hold there.

According to a press release signed by Robert Wafo, "the Presbytarian Church in Bamenda that had initially accepted to host the congress, have turned down the offer, following threats from the secessionists.'

The SDF National Congress beginss tomorrow Thursday February 22nd, through Saturday February 24th at the Bamenda Congress hall.

The banner announcing the congress was burned down in Bamenda by supposed secessionists, who equally threatened to burn down Fru Ndi's resident, should SDF not take the congress to Yaounde.

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Fru Ndi reacted to the threat telling the secessionists they were 'maquisards' and that he was waiting for them to try and disrupt the congress, to see the animal in him.

Also, the Presbyterian church in Bamenda, that had offered their location for the congress withdrew their offer for fear they will be visited by the ambazonia ghost fire.

For the safety of all, SDF has decided to move the congress to the government owned Bamenda congress hall, which will be under tight security.

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