Friday, 2 February 2018

Franky Naggy Holds Her Claims That Grand Epie Na Tita, And That They Had Never Been Baes

Cameroonian Douala based Make Up Artist(MUA) Franky Naggy, who claimed Cameroonian Actor Epie Leonel Esabe robbed she and her husband of many valuables, maintains that Epie is truly a thief, a gay etc... and that she has substantial proof to back up her claims.

The MUA said Epie was once a very good family friend, who was stranded and needed a roof over his head. Franky said with the consent of her husband, she provided Epie shelter for some time, without knowing he was a wolf in sheep skin.

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"He came and stole things. When I noticed he was the one, I needed evidence so I managed to spy on his phone code opened the phone and took it to the police. That's were all the evidence is coming from." Franky told Thatcher.

She said she has videos of them at the Police station, where Epie was locked up, and will release them when need be.

Franky Naggy yesterday Feb. 1, set social media ablaze, when she wrote a post, calling on the actor THIEF, asking him to respect his engagement at the Police to restitute Rolex watches, cash and other valuables he stole from her house. Some friends of the actors said Franky was vibrating because she had a failed relationship with the actor, but she told this reporter that they were ordinary friends, and that he was a friend to her husband and her family as well.

Ever since the news hit Social Media, Epie Leonel Esabe has temporarily deleted his profile on Facebook, but forgot to delete his IG handle.

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