Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Dr. Ojong Okongho and Barrister Nalowa Bih, Two Naturalized Nigerians Arrested Alongside Sisiku AyukTabe And 47 Others Have Been Released On Bail

Last month we reported that two of those arrested alongside Ambazonian Interim President Sisiku AyukTabe Julius in Nigeria and extradited to Cameroon were naturalized Nigerian citizens, and their Lawyers had written to the Cameroonian Government, requesting that they be sent back to Nigeria, so that they could be judge according to the Nigerian Law.

Yesterday, these two were freed on bail.

They are Dr. Ojong Okongho a business man, and Mrs. Nalowa Bih a lawyer.

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Their lawyer Abdul Oroh wrote to the US Embassy, the British High Commission, the United Nations Human Rights Council and other Human Rights Organizations calling on them to tell the Cameroonian government to respect the rights of their clients.

At that time, Barrister Oroh described the deported Cameroonians as political activists and members of the Southern Cameroon National Council, “a body committed to preventing genocide and the oppression of the people of Southern Cameroon”.

Our clients entered Nigeria legally through approved points of entry and have not committed any crime to warrant their arrest and deportation to Cameroon in breach of International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law subscribed to by the Nigerian Government”, Oroh said in the letter.
Oroh said the refugees were fleeing from “oppression and possible genocide from the Cameroonian military and paramilitary forces as directed by the Government of President Paul Biya.“
He said the purpose of their meeting in Abuja was to brief the Nigerian authorities about the situation in Southern Cameroon, solicit the support of the Nigerian Government in peacefully resolving the problem and to sensitise the Nigerian people who have gracefully hosted the refugees in the spirit of African brotherhood and as good neighbours.

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