Monday, 12 February 2018

Colonel Didier Badjeck and the SDO fof Momo gives details on the abduction Of the DO of Batibo

Senior Divisional Officer for Momo Absalom Monono Woloa

Colonel Didider Badjeck, spokesperson for the Cameroonian Defense Force and the Senior Divisional Officer for Momo Absalom Monono Woloa have said the news circulating on social media that the DO for Batibo Marcel Namata DIFENG  was abducted is true, but that the only contradiction is the venue of the abduction, and his alleged death.

"Contrary to what I am reading here and there, the DO was not kidnapped when he was presiding over the National Youth Day celebration in Batibo. He was abducted on his way to the ceremonial ground to see if everything was ready, especially concerning security for the march pass." SDO Monono told Cameroon-Info.Net on phone. "And till now, (10:30 a.m yesterday Monday February 12), he had still not been found, but government has deployed all necessary means to find him." He added.

On the evening of Sunday February 11, hours after the abduction of DO Namata,  Social Media activists flooded the internet with the photo of a dead man, claiming it was that of the DO who had been shot by his kidnappers.  Others said he had been released from captivity, and was at his home with his family, thanks to a joint rescue operation of the Nigerian and Cameroonian forces. 

However, Colonel Didier Badjeck, spokesperson for the Cameroon military refuted that neither was the photo parading social media was that of  DO Namata, nor had he been freed from his kidnappers.

Yesterday Minister Tchiroma told Cameroon-Info.Net that he challenged those alleging that DO Namata was death to show his physical death body and not his virtual corpse on social media.

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