Sunday, 4 February 2018

Cameroonian Social Media Activists Puts President Paul Biya In Coma, While The Lion-man Is Up And Bouncing

Fake photo of President Biya lying critically sick

Cameroonian Social Media activists especially those in the diaspora have been on it again about President Biya's failing health which they say has landed him in coma in a Swiss hospital.

This news was confirmed by some West African media outlets, like Afrique News that wrote on Thursday February 1: "The unexpected death of the Cameroonian president sparks a major wave of emotion in Cameroon and the rest of the world."

This news has however been refuted by one of our high connections at the Unity Palace, who told Thatcher that the #Recordman of victories is 'hale and hearty', and going about his normal business.

He also confirmed that Biya the Lion is in Cameroon shuttling between Yaounde and his natal village Mvomeka'a.

"He is not sick. He is fine. I personally saw him last week, going about his businesses in the corridors of the Unity Palace. He is presently in Mvomeka'a and will be in Yaounde on Tuesday the 6th, for a meeting that has to do with the security issues in the Anglophone regions." Our informant at the Presidency told us on phone.

In 2004, President Biya's death hoax spread like wild fire in Cameroon and abroad. At that time he was in Europe, and when he returned, he himself personally put the rumours to rest. "Do you believe in ghosts? I was on a private visit in Europe. I learned like everyone else that I was death. Looks like there are some people who are interested in my funeral. Well, tell them that I am giving them an appointment in the next twenty years." He told media men, when he returned to the country.

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