Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Cameroonian Actress Soli Egbe Sets Social Media Ablaze With Her Voluptuous Derriere

Cameroonian actress Soli Egbe has set Social Media ablaze after photos of her extra meat backyard went viral this morning.

According to the actress, some unscrupulous and perverse minded individuals took her photos from her snap chat handle, and photo shopped them by adding a 10 kg flesh behind, so that it looks like Kim Kardashian.

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Although Soli has an extra generous flesh behind her that adds flavour and pleasure to her beautiful shape, the actress is not having the very long tail social media has added on her, otherwise, she won't be able to pull it around.

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Soli Egbe's voluptuous derriere started making buzz after last Friday night's fashion event where the actress beautifully packaged  herself in one blush pink dress decorated with a baby lace cape, that printed her indisputable great silhouette, projecting her most valued asset, that held admirers 'spellbound' like; wow! wow! wow!

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