Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Cameroonian Actress Candy Laurice Tanyisong Allegedly Beats Her Cousin To Death

Cameroonian actress Esther Tanyisong aka Candy Laurice Tanyisong,  is being accused of beating her teenage cousin to death in her Yaounde residence.

According to E-kwat reporting the sad story, the deceased who is a Form Three student of Franky Comprehensive Secondary School Yaounde came to live with aunty Candy because of the Anglophone crisis. On Wednesday Jan. 31st the young girl allegedly stole from aunty Candy, who mercilessly beat the living daylight off her. She went to bed in pains, and slept for good. 

When aunty Candy discovered the child was not waking up the next day, she called her husband who is a Medical Doctor, and who had already gone to work. He  came back, only to discover that the little girl had died overnight.

According to the same source, neighbours are testifying that aunty Candy has been maltreating her late girl, and subjecting her to torture as well.

It's been a week now, and the actress has not been arrested, but speculations hold that the family should take legal actions against her.

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