Saturday, 17 February 2018

Almighty Abel Elimby Lobe Beaten To Near-Death By Angry Mob Over Land Dispute ..Lol

Abel Elimby Lobe

One of Cameroon's most frustrated politician without a party, former SDF NEC Secretary General, and a big time critic and hater of the anglophone revolution, Abel Elimby Lobe narrowly escaped death, after an angry mob almost lynched over a land dispute.

The unfortunate incident took place yesterday Friday February 16th, at the Mbanya Sable neighborhood in Douala.

According to the victim who narrated his ordeal to press men, he and some administrative officials went to 'Mbanya Sable' to negotiate a land dispute between the inhabitants there and the Elimby Lobe's Family, who according to him, own two plots of land in that locality.

When they got there, apparently, Elimby Lobe who is notorious for stepping on peoples' toes voluntarily, started his sharp mouth, and the population got angry, pounced on him, threw him into a mud hole and gave him the beatings of his life.

"My father left us two land titles for two plots of land at Mbanya Sable. In 2014, I consulted the land survey office, so that we could know the boundaries of the said plots of land and identify its present occupants, in order to possess our possession, and enjoy that which our father left for us. 

Apparently in that neighborhood, there is an organised gang  by elites of the neighborhood, who refuse give access to the land survey officer to verify the boundary pillars of the different plots of lands there, so that the occupants should not be identified. 

The DO held a meeting two weeks ago, with the 3rd class chief of that neighborhood Mr. Samu Gabriele and the various quarter heads to see how we could resolve this issue peacefully. 

That is what we did today. I was part of the commission led by the 2nd Assistant Mayor. When we got there, the organized gang pounced on me, threw me inside the mud, and beat me up mercilessly.  But for the help of a lady, who fell on me and used her body as a cover to shed me from their blows, they would have killed me. They took my brief case, removed all the money from inside, removed the land titles and made away with everything." Elimby Lobe explained. 

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