Thursday, 25 January 2018

The Ayah Foundation Takes Over Case Of Anglophone Pregnant Rape Victim, Who Is Being Threatened With Death By Her Culprits Under The Who Covered Of Powers At The Highest Heaven Of Etoudi

The Ayah Foundation is reporting  a case of  an Anglophone sister, who was raped twice by the same gangsters and got pregnant in the process, and whose life is being threatened by her culprits. 

Her name has been concealed for her safety and dignity.

According to the boss of the Foundation Ayah Ayah Abine the lady's story incarnates the 'anglophone problem'.

Ayah reports that the victim has been sexually abused twice by same people, who have high covers from those who owns and rules this country, and  who have denied her justice.

To intimidate her to seal her lips, she and her mum were  once thrown behind bars, with the pregnancy she is carrying that resulted from the rape.

The Ayah foundation says they providing all the necessary financial, spiritual, material and moral support she needs, and their Legal department has taken over the case, to make sure the she gets justice.

This is a developing story, we shall be bringing you more light, as details unfold.

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