Sunday, 7 January 2018

Nigeria Claims Responsibility For The Arrest Of Sisiku AyukTabe And Others

Nigerian news outlets have confirmed the arrest of Ambazonian President Sisiku AyukTabe, and seven others.

According to one of the outlets Premium Times, the secessionists were arrested by the Nigerian State Security Service - SSS, and not by the Cameroonian Army as the Ambazonian Government Communication person earlier informed.

According the the source, Sisiku and the rest were picked up yesterday by the SSS. The SSS came with guns and ammunitions at the Nera Hotel in Abuja, where Sisiku and his men were holding a meeting of the high command of the leadership of the Ambazonia republic, and  took them away. 

This twist of events is happening after a delegation from Mr. Biya was received by Nigeria’s Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo last December.

The Nigeria government said at that time, that the purpose of Mr. Osinbajo’s meeting with the Cameroonian delegation, led by the Cameroon's Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization, Rene Sadi, was to strengthen diplomatic ties between the two nations.

However, sources revealed that the meeting was also meant to broker a secret agreement for Nigeria’s security officials to help arrest about 15 people declared wanted by the Cameroonian government.

Meanwhile the United Nations Refugee agency says at least 7,500 refugees from Cameroon’s English-speaking population have since fled to Nigeria since the crisis in that country worsened in October.

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