Sunday, 7 January 2018

Minister Tchiroma Heightens Emotions Amidst Government's Silence Over The Arrest Of Sisiku And His Aides In Nigeria

Yaounde has been silence over the arrest of the President of the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, and other Separatists in Nigeria's Political capital Abuja last night, and the Minister of Communication mouthpiece of the government says Cameroonians should be patient, as he himself is awaiting official confirmation from Nigeria, regarding the arrest, thereby heightening the fever of impatience in the people. 

Unlike in other similar and less concerned cases where Yaounde, through Tchiroma accompanied by the military spokesman would have been heralding the news, toasting their glasses of wine to a well deserved victory, a relative calm is the reported atmosphere in all the political and administrative corridors of the Quartier Generale.

When contacted by a local news outlet, a source at the Ministry of Defense did not wish to comment on the issue.  "You have to be careful and wait for confirmation from the government, because with Social media, the documents circulating are not authentic at all." The source said.

On his part, Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary, qualifies the information as rumours, but say he is awaiting confirmation. "The Minister of Communication mouthpiece of the government  does not relay information based on rumour. When I will have the elements of the appropriate language worthy to be brought to your knowledge, I will call you for it. It is when I will have facts worthy of local and international interest, that I will call and make them available to you. Be patient and wait. I don't relay rumour or emotions regardless of whatever the nature is. I am also waiting for the facts; that is, the elements confirming or attesting their arrest." Minister Chiroma said.

So far no official statement has been made by the Nigerian government, and the culprits are said to be in custody in an unknown location in Nigeria.

The President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia Sisiku AyukTabe, and eight of his close aides including Deacon Tassang Wilfred, were arrested yesterday Saturday January 6, 2018, in Nera Hotel Abuja, by armed military men of the Nigeria SSS.

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