Monday, 29 January 2018

Minister Mama Fouda Refutes Claims Of The Presence Of Ebola, Marburg And Lassa Fever In Cameroon, But Cautions Cameroonians To Be On The Alert

Following rumours that the deadly Ebola virus has entered Cameroon, after three members of one family in Yaounde reportedly died of high fever, rashes and internal bleeding(symptoms of the Virus), Minister Andre Mama Fouda of Public Health in a press release, debunked that none of the three died of either the deadly Ebola, Marburg or Lassa Fever.

News of their death sent a wave of panic in the entire center region, where the population insinuated they were attacked by either the deadly Ebola Virus of Lassa fever.

However, according a press release signed by the Minister to his effect, a fourth person of the said family survived the attack, and his medical diagnosis shows no threat of the above mentioned diseases.

The Minister however cautions all Cameroonians that in case anyone notices he/she is having high fever accompanied by rashes with or without bleeding, the person should immediately rush to the nearest health center.

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