Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Minister Issa Tchiroma Advises Cardinal Tumi Not To Allow Himself To Be Used By Separatists

The Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma Bakary has advised  Emeritus Archbishop Cardinal Tumi to be careful not to be used by secessionists in the current Anglophone crisis rocking the two English speaking regions of the country. The Minister was reacting to a video of the Prelate circulating on Social Media, in which he strongly condemned violence committed by armed forces against unarmed civilians in the South West Region.

"I am not sure whether the President of the Republic knew what was really happening, otherwise, he would have condemned it. But on the contrary, he congratulated his army for a well done job to bring back peace. Violence only begets violent. I have heard people talking about the destruction of houses and the killing of civilians, and I think this should be condemned with the last energy. We Cameroonians, must respect life, the life of everybody, even the military." The Prelate said in the trending video.

Reacting to this over France 24, the Minister cautioned Cardinal Tum to be careful when dealing with secessionists(anglophone freedom fighters).

Vuvuzelatious Tchiroma said Tumi should  be careful of being used. He no doubt made allusion about the many information circulating by the perpetrators of these crimes. "Concerning Cardinal Tumi, I will just advise him to  be careful, because the secessionists will use him. Not only him, but all those, who embodies hope today with their religious values. All of them therefore, risk being exploited by secessionists who are ready to spark off fire, to dishonour and discredit our security and defense forces, and to destroy the Cameroonian State. What I can say about this is that you should exercise some patience, as investigations have been opened." He declared.

Fresh violence resumed in the South West and North West Regions since last week, and more security forces are being dispatched to these regions, as the population flee for refuge in bushes and nearby countries.

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