Saturday, 27 January 2018

Meet The Pencil Master Brother Behind The Sketch Of Kiki Bandy's Portrait, Breaking Social Media

Yesterday sister UK based blogger Kiki Bandy sent a message of gratitude to one UK based Cameroonian artist Ansa Kitu, who penciled her portrait using her profile picture.

The controversial blogger, moved by this talented brother, shouted a 'thank you'  captioned: "Massive shoutout to the talented Cameroonian artist Ansa Kitu. This is very humbling... Cameroon get talents ohhh. Thank you. xoxo".

Social Media cracked at seeing such a hidden talent, one of ours, who is known only in his circle of friends, but who also needs exposure in the world at large.

On his official page Ansa kitu pencil art shared the video works of what resulted of the beautiful  portrait of Kiki, with a caption encouraging the blogger, whom he said is a 'Motivator.' 
"Ayen so finally ayaff finished Bandy kiki ehh. More strength to you girl. Your drive, motivation and understanding of the way things work is truly inspirational. Brian Mackwright Afanyu nah who hold that lighter, lemme jor invite Yenkuh Anne Akale Ruth coman watch ehh. Take note of the background music too artist Flyhabit (all ting set) watch, like and share "

Amazed by this formidable Cameroonian talent, Thatcher contacted the artist, who shared  how he became the pencil art master he is today.

"It all started at a very young age, as I loved cartoons. I started by learning how to draw cartoon characters." He said.

"I gradually progressed into drawing portraits, and I taught myself and kept learning new and more effective skills." He revealed.

The 30 years old self groomed connoisseur sketched international A-listers in the American music and movie world like Fenty Queen aka Rihanna, Beyonce aka Bey the baddest, Jennifer Lopez aka Jenny from the block and Hollywood Power Actor/Producer Denzel Washington in 2014.

According to him, those photos were not the best of his art, because in 2014, he was still struggling to make things as perfect as they are today.
In 2016, he  sketched Cameroonian Afro-pop, Afrobeats Soul sensation Gasha, and he says  Charlotte Dipanda's portrait is his next project, which has kick started in his magic room, where everything happens.

Talking about the motivational factors that pushes him to pick up a pencil,  and other tools to start sketching the replica of a real person's photo, Ansa said; "I decide sometimes based on the artistic looking nature of the photo. Especially people with challenging features. Like  the hair in Kiki's case."

Ansa Kitu draws and paints pictures at the moderate rate of  60 - 200 000 FCFA, and is available online on Facebook, and in the U.K on +44 7445 327763 or visit his location at 25 Nynehead Street London, United Kingdom.

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