Monday, 29 January 2018

Kiki Bandy Rants Further, As Loreta Swallows Silent Pills On Their Ongoing Feud - The Bone Of Contention Is Right Here

Yesterday we reported how Cameroonian two social media sensations in the diaspora Loreta Nulla epse Tchumta and ace blogger Kiki Bandy are on each other's throat on something that seem to be a misunderstanding from Loreta,  a conspiracy against the boohs, or a fight being fueled by Kiki's haters.

Kiki and Loreta are great friends, with each one of them holding the other's hand to walk the path of success.

Kiki Bandy, the lone blogger who heralded the glory trumpet of Loreta's wedding,  gathered information about the Loreta's man from her family, which apparently, Loreta  did mot approve,  and she(Loreta) blamed the blogger for that, spicing her blames with some of the stuff we all know she is made of.

One thing led to the other, and boom, here we are witnessing the outcome on social media.

However, the happily married self made Socialite Mrs. Loreta Tchumta seems to have repented of everything she wrote yesterday that sparked the flame on Social Media, and she has deleted all the insulting posts on her one time booh from her timeline, to the dismay of all her fans, followers and referees, who believes her husband, who is the calmer side of her is already contaminating her with gentility.

The blogger on her part now want her own pound of flesh until she is declared 'Winner' and she is the one now warming up with the ranting now.
In her most recent post, she calls on her booh, who has blocked her on Facebook, to unblock her so that they can continue from where she (Loreta) stopped.

Kiki might be regretting the fact that she mentioned Loreta's kid in the cause of her anger, and we also want to believe Loreta too is regretting the fact that she mentioned Kiki's late mother.

We salut Mr. Tchumba(Loreta's husband) for imposing calm on her, because she never gives up in a battle that easily, and for the first time has decided to drop the axe she was using to hammer Kiki with.. Lol. Thank you bro.

As we earlier advised, both ladies should find time and put fine lines in their already twisted relationship, because tomorrow looks greater than today and yesterday. And  when things return to 37°C, no one will be able to stand near anything she is vomiting today.

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