Thursday, 18 January 2018

KESA Magazine Launches Phase II Of Beauty Selfie Contest

KESA Magazine has launched Phase II of the 'Beauty Selfie Contest', with 20 lucky candidates, who used their beauties and popularity on Facebook, to wrestle with the initial 53 in Phase I, and stand a chance of winning the finalists cash prices. 

The Finalists  will go home with cash prices of 40 000 F CFA, 20 000F CFA and 10 000F CFA respectively.

Popular self made socialite Suzy Sparks is one of the contestants who made it to Phase II, and her beauty and popularity is already taking her closer to the door of a 40 000 FCFA cash.

KESA Magazine is an online platform recently launched to promote Cameroon talents in Modelling, Acting, Comedy, Music, Fashion etc. The Magazine will be officially launched probably by the end of this year 2018.

Their first target was to get at least 1000 followers, which they achieved in no time, and to keep the flow, they immediately launched the Selfie Contest to encourage Social Media users especially those on Facebook, with 500likes to think about face modelling as a career move.

Investigating further about modelling, KESAmag discovered that models target other aspects of modelling, and ignore the facial specialization of the business.

This undiscovered aspect of modelling has already got KESAmag and some companies, talking about trial sessions for the top the winner of the selfie contest, who will equally be the Cover art of KESAmag's Facebook page for one month.

With a dedicated team of 5 working 24/7 KESAmag is bouncing back to reality, after their silence due to the long cut of the internet in the two Anglophone regions of the country, and will be serving you all their promises with realities.

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