Monday, 22 January 2018

"If Paul Biya Was Angry, He Would Have Asked That The Laptops Be Withdrawn, Because It Is His Gift" - Minister Fame Ndongo Says

The Minister of Higher Education, Jacques Fame Ndongo says President Paul Biya is not angry with the poor quality of the PBhev laptops, that is being offered to students, and which is  at the center of so many controversies.

Fame Ndongo who has been under fire since the distribution of the laptop started, is fighting tooth and nail to end these controversies that has set tongues wagging and alleging he embezzled billions in the process. 

The Minister explained himself on CRTV's weekly program  'Espaces Politiques' last Thursday January 18, 2018. He managed to justify himself, and come out of the hot water that Cameroonians have put him inside, and to also make it clear that his relationship with Mr Biya has not been affected by this, as people are insinuating.

"If Paul Biya was angry, he would have asked that the computers be withdrawn because it is his gift. If for example your father tells you; 'here is a porcupine, go and give it to my cousin in such and such village,' and you delay for two weeks and the porcupine gets bad. Your father's cousin will not thank your father. He will tell him 'you have sent me rotten meat'. But the fact that students are thanking the Head of State, the fact that students are happy and satisfied. The fact that those who have not yet received the computers are impatiently waiting, is a prove that the operation was well carried out". The Minister said.

Answering on the allegations that he has embezzled part of the funds destined for the fabrication of the laptops, the Minister said the supply chain procedures for the fabrication and acquisition of these computers had no opening for embezzlement.

"I will recall here that the President of Republic did not give bags of billions to the Minister of Higher Education to buy computers from China. This computers are fabricated in China, and funded directly by Eximbank China, and manufactured by a Chinese State Corporation. With that, let's be a bit reasonable. What will the Head of State hold against the Minister of Higher Education, who is only waiting that the products should arrive Yaounde for him to distribute?" The Minister explained

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" They tried to relate this to the image of the New Year wishes ceremony(when Mr. Biya snubbed him after the traditional handshake). I will never tell you what the President who was all smiling whispered to me. I wanted to extend the conversation. I did it, and people misinterpreted  the fact that he stretched his hand to my neighbour, my friend and my colleague who  was behind me as though that he did not want to see me. If he did not want to see me, the Head of State is not afraid of me. I am only a modest collaborator. He can say, 'I am stopping this operation. I will hand it over to someone else.' At the moment, I don't think that is the case. But no one knows. The future might reserve many surprises. He can end the project. But as of now, the operation is going on in a more beautiful and stronger way. Students are registering with so much enthusiasm, and everything is going  on well. I know so many people have put their mouths inside the issue, but the best test is the attitude of the students." Fame Ndongo bragged.

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