Monday, 15 January 2018

Frank Sire's Wife Disappoints The Expectations Of Her Home Breakers And Silences Social Media On Husband's Love Scam Allegation Scandal With The Hashtag; #Istandwithmyhusband

US base Cameroonian actress Pridine Fru, who is also the  wife of actor Frank Sire, currently being plagued with a love-scam allegation scandal, has closed the case, by standing with and by her husband.

It was alleged that the handsome actor lured himself into the arms of a grieving single mother in the US, to console her for the lose of her child. He actually made the Miss X fall for his charms, and while pretending to play genuine with her, swindled thousands of dollars from her.

However, the actor denied the allegations in a post on his Facebook page this evening. His explanation was backed by that of his female colleague Stephanie Tum, who said the Miss X 'owes Frank for the psychiatric services' he rendered her during her moment of mourning and depression.

Social Media have been stretching their antennas to hear from the alleged culprits wife, hoping and expecting she will dump him to their pleasure and comfort. 

But 'Hell No, Pridine is going no where, as she is staying with her man, soaring the storms and floods with him, as she expresses on her Facebook page, sharing a picture of she and him 'main dans la main' with the caption: #Istandwithmyhusband#Istandwithmyfamily.

Read her below:

It's not what happens that matters it’s how you handle it....Life has it's ups and down, but guess what! #Allmangobeok #Istandwithmyhusband#Istandwithmyfamily. Once you put God above all things...#Allmangobeok....Let God Lead TPS..Cheers.

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