Monday, 29 January 2018

Equinox Tv's Top Anchor Lady Mimi Mefo Nominated for The FOCACO 2017 Awards

Equinox Television's anchor lady Mimi Mefo has been nominated for the FOCACO (Fondation camerounaise des consommateurs) 2017 Awards in the Category of 'BEST TV NEWS PRESENTER.'

We all know how well Mimi Mefo commands the English Language, and the confidence with which she reports events and news. She is one person who never blinks her eyes when reporting about the reality we all know, and has on many occasions put her job at stake with her accurate reporting.

Click here to go to the organizer's Facebook page, and give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar.

Fondation Camerounaise des Consommateurs(FOCACO) or Cameroonian Consumers' League, is an NGO, that defends the rights and interests of Cameroonian consumers.

Though their presence and activities are still invisible, they are giving us the chance to chose the best in all sectors of activities.

When companies know there are stiff competitions like this, they work hard to improve the quality of their goods and services.

So why not vote the best?.

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