Thursday, 18 January 2018

Cameroonians At Home And Abroad Mourn CEO And Founder Of Khati Khati International Donald DonPrince On Social Media

Cameroonians woke up this morning with the shocking news of the death of one very popular American based Cameroonian brother Donald DonPrince, whose life was one big gift of God to mankind.

According to various testimonies on Social Media, Donald was everyone's friend, a motivator, a train driver, fun loving, society changer, positive soul, who changed the lives of everyone he came along.

Prominent actor  Alenne Menget CEO of ATS went live on Facebook in tears, with a message entitle: " Donald DonPrince...I don’t only mourn you...But you have thought is a lesson", where he chanted a litany of praise to Donald,  calling on everyone to emulate his footstep, because according to him, Donald died accomplished, and is already at the gate of heaven.

Social Media sensual Suzy Sparks wrote in tears how much the late Donald inspired her. "Donald DonPrince I thought I was strong but today you prove me wrong,dona you inspire so many,Dona you promoted so many ,Dona thou we have never met before but you thought me a told me to carry on with my small business that one day I will make it ....I promise I won't shed a tear for you but I will mourn by putting your advice into practice." She wrote

Donald shared his his everyday life  with the entire world on social media and through visible actions, and was a selfless individual, who sacrificed his happiness to brighten up sad faces.

We are preparing a detail article about Donald DonPrince's life, and everything you need to know about this fallen hero of our time.

RIP Donald

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