Monday, 22 January 2018

Cameroonian Man Caught Selling Human Bones For 12 Million F CFA


The Gendarmerie Brigade de Recherche Ndogbat Douala, is currently gathering more details, relating to the sale of human skeleton by a certain 20 years old boy Souleman Aliou, who allegedly bought the exhume bones of a death person from his friend Ibrahim for Two Hundred Thousand Francs and was selling it for 12 Million F CFA.

According to the Brigade Commander, Souleman sent his friend 19 years old Ayiangnju Souleman to look for buyers for the skeleton, but unfortunately, the news entered into the ears of the Law Enforcement Officers, who trailed his tracks had them both arrested.

Souleman Aliou upon arrest reveal that he bought the bones from his friend Ibrahim in Fombot in the Western Region of the country for 200 000 F CFA(Two Hundred Thousand Francs), which was not the first time.

He is a worker in one of the local restaurants in Douala, and he and his accomplice Ayiangnju Souleman will be taken to court this morning, while the man hunt for Ibrahim continues.

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