Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Cameroonian Basketball Pro Joel Embiid TURNS DOWN Rihanna. Says He Is Not Going Back To Ask Her To Respect Her Promise To Him

Cameroonian US based professional basketball player for the  Philadephia 76ers Joel Hans Embiid says he isn't going to to try and ask Robyn Fenty aka Rihanna to follow up on her promise of a date once he made the All-Star team.

When it was announced on the evening of Friday January 19, 2018 that the 23 years old was among the five Eastern Conference players to be a starter in this year’s NBA All-Star game on February 18, social media flamed up, because of something Embiid posted four years ago. 

Joel Embid had publicly stated his desire to take Fenty Queen Rihanna out for a dinner date.

He tweeted his desire, hoping the Riri would accept his offer on one condition:  “Come back when you’re an All Star”.

Well, looks like they weren't meant to be a Joel tweeted:

Apparently RiRi told him to "Come back when [he was] an All Star" and Embiid was none too happy about it. Flash forward last Friday night, and Embiid had something to say about the whole situation. When the reporter asked, "Years ago, you were denied by a young woman who told you to 'come back when you were an All Star,' is there anything you'd like to say to anybody right now?"

Embiid’s fans quickly bombarded Rihanna’s Instagram account with messages calling on her to follow with her statement.

However, Embiid, who helped lead the 76ers to a stunning win over the Boston Celtics this evening, joked after the game that he has already moved on.
She denied me back then so why go with her again,” Embiid said.
So I’ve got to move past that and move on to the next one.
When asked whether there was anything he wanted to add he said: “Trust the process.”
Embiid is joined on the Eastern Conference starting five by Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kyrie Irving, DeMar DeRozan and LeBron James.
James received the most votes in the East and therefore will be the captain for this year's draft. 

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