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» » » » » » 'Angel' caught on camera at prophet Samuel Akinbodunse church in South Africa (photos)

According to various online reports, an Angel appeared in the church of popular South African based Prophet, Samuel Akinbodunse who released his 2018 prophecies a day ago, and whose prophecies have always turned out to be accurate. 

Read the claim below:

During a fasting and a 24 hours marathon prayers with Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse at Freedom For All Nations in Pretoria, South Africa, an Angel appeared in the early hours of Sunday at the 18th hour of the programme at about 6am. The congregation rushed to have a look and photos were taken. The image caught on camera in full glare of everybody is causing an uproar and has become the talk of the town. 

It would be recalled that he made a list of 15 prophecies for 2018 and presently, two of it has been fulfilled.

One of it which include the confession of A south African pastor who uses charm to grow His church and also have wealth, and the  death of a popular man of God based in Abuja.

However, the photos do not look authentic, but who are we to judge?

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