Thursday, 18 January 2018

American Ambassador To Cameroon Peter Henry Barlerin Brings American Artists To Encourage Students To Register On The Voter's List

Ambassador Peter Henry Barlerin

The New American Ambassador to Cameroon Peter Henry Barlerin is touring State Universities, to encourage students to massively register for the upcoming 2018 elections. To add fun to his mission, Peter Barlerin invited the American jazz duo Camille Thurman and Darrell Green Trio to series of musical concerts, that will be performed during his tour, so that the message can reach as many students as possible.

The musical/campaign tour started in the Univerity of Yaounde I last Wednesday Jan. 7, 2018. "The US ambassador to Cameroon behaved like a real cop at the university campus where artists like the Ruben Binam-Kemit 7 and Camille Thurman and Darrell Green Trio groups performed yesterday". Cameroon Tribune of Thursday Jan 8 wrote.

According to the paper, the Senior Diplomat prefers to speak to personally speak to the students, instead of sitting in one place and turning his on them. Protocol says he refused to be shaded from the scorching sun, an action that was saluted by all as an emblem of simplicity.

"Today makes it exactly one month two days since I started working in Cameroon. I came with my delegation to the campus of the University of Yaounde I to encourage democracy. We do not have a preferred candidate, but we know that voting is a civil right." Ambassador Barlerin said.

He then presented the American Jazz group who were to perform as special guest. "The music of Camille Thurman and Darrell Green Trio brings back memories of great American artists who imposed themselves in Jazz on this planet." Mr. Barlerin explained.

According to Cameroon Tribune, the show started with Cameroonians artists hitting the podium, to the excitement of the public. The Yaounde University Music Group, specialized in Bikutsi, gospel and slow opened the floor, followed by Ruben Binam and his band, before the Americans took over, to give the show the perfection it was meant for.

The message was delivered during the show, as  every performing artists passed the message unto to the students, in songs, encouraging them to register for the upcoming elections. 

While the show was going, some were registering right on the spot, with the ELECAM staff who were on campus for the deal.

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