Monday, 15 January 2018

Actress Stephanie Tum Comes To Frank Sire's Rescue In 'Love scam' Allegations, Saying The Purported Victim Owes Frank For His Services Towards Her

Actress Stephanie Tum has come out to hold the hand of her colleague Frank Sire, who is presently undergoing an international allegation of love-scamming a US based Cameroonian single mother, by pretending he was madly in love with her, and in exchange, swindled her of thousands of dollars.

After the story broke out, fans of the actors were calling on him to say something that will make him come out clean and tall, and it took him hours(probably after concertations with his family) to put up a disclaimer message, even though he did not say whether he and the Miss X in the US were emotionally or financially connected.

His reaction seems to have motivated his supporters to come to his rescue, as is the case with delectable actress Stephanie Tum, who wrote that the alleged victim Miss X, 'owes Frank Sire for the psychiatric services he rendered her in her low moments.'

Read Stephanie's comments below"

“Frank I actually think she also owes you for playing a psychiatrist in her life when she needed someone to talk to and help her through her pain. I can imagine the long late night calls and the times u had to lift her spirit up and make her feel loved again. People pay a lot for such services for that very America.

I no see any place weh u force or threaten e for send u money.
You ask and e send am cus e be love you.
Time reach for u for settle u asses all chicks for ur life chose ur own . Nothing wrong with dat.

Please I just want one thing to be clear here u are not the first guy who have left her if not you won’t have met her a single mum and alone during that difficult period .
I hope she also cries fowl play for the other guy too.
Me so with all my fine and sense I don pay deal soteh born pekin dem no still marry me, I find my cold water drink , cry , learn my lesson sit me. Today I don marry my own massa noh . Na life dat. Me too I don break oda people their heart weh dem give me heaven and earth. Dem too move on so na wetti Dis??

Let’s stop dis thing where everyone is a judge on Facebook and ready to crucify others.Cameroonians that’s all we are good at.We live for the next scandal or negative story.”

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