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» » » » » » » The Timid Declarations Of The Manyu Traditional Rulers In The Heat Of The Ongoing Genocide

The Manyu Traditional Rulers representing the people of the Division have called for ceasefire in the ongoing genocide perpetrated in the Manyu Division of the South West Region by secessionists according to them.

In a 'pusillanimous  declaration' from the Bureau of the Manyu Traditional Association signed on Wednesday Dec, 13th,  the authors failed to courageously voice out the truth of the reality in their Division. Instead of hitting hard on the government for the killing of their people, they turn to hammer on the minority activists, ordering them to stop their activities in  their Division.

However, critics from their own people say 'You cannot condemn activists who are acting in legitimate self-defence against an occupation force that is unleashing mayhem and despoiling your land and people.'

Read their declaration below:

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