Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Senator Samuel OBAM ASSAM Orders His Colonel Son To Kill 30 Anglophones In The South West Region

The CPDM Senator for the Ntem Valley Division in the South Region Samuel Obam ASSAM has ordered his colonel son presently on mission in the South West Region to bring down the heads of 30 anglophones.

According to the source of this story Boris Bertolt, Senator Obam and Senator Jean Tsomelou of the SDF were in a heated argument before the start of the Conference of Presidents of the different Parliamentary groups, that took place yesterday at the Senate in Yaounde.

Senator Obam walked up to Senator Tsomelou, blaming him for the behaviour of the SDF MP's, who  blocked the National Assembly, requesting that the 'anglophone crisis' be discussed during the ongoing session. 

The two men went into a quarrel, when Senator Samuel OBAM ASSAM lashed out how his son is a Colonel in the army that is presently in the war zone of the South West Region. "I just called him on phone, and told him that I don't want his corpse to return, but that he himself SHOULD KILL 30 Anglophones. I have the means to defend him at the Military Court. The country belongs to us." Senator Samuel OBAM ASSAM bluffed aloud.

Boris further reported that the quarrel did not end there, as another CPDM Senator got up and said 'the dialogue SDF is asking for will never happen, because SDF Senators and MPs are Secessionist.' The quarrel was already transforming into something else, if not for the timely intervention of other Senators and Security agents.

However, when the President of the Upper house Marcel Nia Njifenji who was to chair the conference came in, the problem was tabled before him, but he pushed it aside saying he wasn't there when happened, and will not say anything about it.

It should be recalled that for the past two weeks, MPs of the Social Democratic Front - SDF  have blocked the National Assembly, demanding that the 'anglophone crisis' be put on the agenda of the ongoing session. Their request have met with stiff walls, as neither the Presidents of the Lower or Upper House of Parliament has given them a listening ear, nor has the government itself uttered a word about it.

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