Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Peter ESSOKA's Communication Council Sanctions Media Men Especially From Vision4

The Peter Essoka lead National Communication Council has sanctioned some journalists, for lack of professional ethics and inappropriate actions in the execution of their job.  

Their wrath this time was unleashed on Vision4 Television Journalists, who have recently been under Social Media critics.

Ernest OBAMA and Sidonie MONKAM suspended from carrying out any journalism activity in Cameroon for the period of ONE MONTH They were sanctioned for reporting on a nude video of Vincent Sosthene Fouda, who was allegedly fighting another man over his boyfriend.

Parfait Ayissi, as well as his program 'Tour d'horizon' of Vision4 Television, suspended for ONE MONTH on allegations that he carried out unorthodox sexual practices on 17 years Bonita, who was looking for a holiday job with Vision4.

Chantal Tuile, Director of Publication for 'L'Economie de l'Est' banned completely from the journalism profession, because of his many problematic articles against the Director General of CNPS.

Details of this decision will be published in due course.

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