Saturday, 16 December 2017

Hon. Wallang Richard In A Critical State At The Yaounde Central Hospital

CPDM MP for Menchum North Hon. Wallang Richard , who sustained a head injury from the heels of CDU Hon. Patricia Ndam Njoya's shoe on Dec. 8, 2017 at the National Assembly, is said to be in a very bad shape at the Yaounde Central Hospital.

Sources say he was admitted yesterday Friday December 15th following complications arising from the wound he sustained on his head.

A note pasted at the National Assembly for the attention of MPs read; "Dear colleagues, Hon. Wallang Richard was stuck in his room due to sharp pains on his right arm. He was rushed to the emergency services of the Yaounde Central hospital at about 5 p.m today Friday 15th Dec. 2017, by Hon. Kwei and Hon. Salomon Douvogo

The swollen arm has been operated by a surgeon, who was called on emergency, and the waste was removed. I will send you some liquid that came out. After dressing the wound,  the Dr. recommended that Hon. Wallang should remain in the hospital for at least 10 days for observation. An X-ray has been prescribed for tomorrow. Hon. Zondol and myself joined our other colleagues there. He has been injected Trabar 100mg as  pain killer, and other drugs so that he can sleep. I urge you all dear colleagues, to pray so that the situation should not complicate any further."  questioned an MP why someone who was injured on the head is now having complications on the arm, and this was the reply;  "I am not the Doctor. You saw on TV how the MP was bleeding on the head, but the consequences can spread to other parts of the body. The prove is that, while we were thinking that Hon. Wallang was already feeling fine, we were surprised to see him hurt the more." .

Meanwhile in the House, CPDM MP's are already raising their voices, requesting the lifting of the parliamentary immunity of Hon. Patricia Ndam Njoya, so that she can answer for her actions before the law.

It shoud be recalled that Hon. Patricia Ndam Njoya of the CDU party threw her high heel shoes in the open air at SDF MPs who were contesting that the Anglophone crisis should be discussed, by blowing vuvuzelas to make their voices heard. It was during that commotion that Hon. Ndam Njoya threw her shoe at them, but hit Hon. Wallang Richard who was the wrong target on the head.

She later apologized to him that she had no intention of injuring him, and that she had no particular issue against him.

Hon. Wallang was rushed to the hospital where the wound was being taken care of, and he himself confirmed he was fine. Everyone is shocked at the new developments in his health.

We wish him a very speedy recovery, and pray that no further complication should arise.

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