Thursday, 9 November 2017

"We carried out the actions," Cho Ayaba Lucas And ADF Claim Responsibilities Of The Recent Killing Of Gendarmes In The North West Region

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The Ambazonian Defense Forces have claimed responsibility for the killing of three Gendarme Officers in the North West Regions earlier this week.
According to reports from Sky News and Reuters, Cho Ayaba Lucas one of the Ambazonian leaders in the diaspora said ADC forces killed two gendarme officers; Marshal Hinma René from Bafia and student  gendarme Sale David at a checkpoint near Bamenda airport at around 2am local time.
Another one Djolai Bienvenue was killed on Monday Nov.  6, in an ambush set by ADF, he added.
"We carried out the actions," Mr Ayaba said. "Their security forces are a target and we will continue attacking them until they are gone."
If Cho Ayaba's declarations are confirmed by the hierarchy of Southern Cameroons, fighting for the restoration of the former West Cameroon, it would be the first time the  “Anglophone Crisis” has deescalated to targeted killing in what is increasingly becoming more of an arms struggle.

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