Sunday, 5 November 2017

#UnTravailPasUnPenis - #AJobNotAPenis Hashtag, Trending On Cameroonian Social Media, Over The Vision4 Journalist's Sexual Assault On The 17 Years Old Bonita

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The sex scandal of the Vision4 Journalist Parfait Ayissi  is far from being over, as the matter is reaching quarters beyond the culprit's reach.

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After the shocking revelations made by 17 years old Bonita, how Parfait rough-handled her sexually both in her anus and her vagina, promising  her a holiday job with Vision4, activists and legal practitioners have decided to take lead of the matter, and will in the coming days, be dragging Parfait Ayissi Etoa to face the law.

One Activist has initiated the hashtag;  #UnTravailPasUnPenis#AJobNotAPenis  which is now trending on Social media, to grab Chantal Biya's attention and get her to react.

Some people say this scandal is a means devised by enemies of Vision4, to bring down the image of group. 

Meanwhile Parfait Ayissi Etoa has not made an public declaration denying or accepting the allegations, and has been carrying out his usual duty on TV, despite the buzz.

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