Tuesday, 7 November 2017

This Is How The Maked Men In Jakiri Pushed Gendarme Officer Djounia To Their Trap And Used His Own Gun To Kill Him

Following the killing of of Gendarme Officer Djounia by masked men yesterday Nov. 6 in Jakiri, tight security measures have been taken to recover his gun that was used to kill him. 

According to one of the colleagues of the late Major Djounia, "he was at his duty post at GBHS Jakiri, where some individuals had laid ambush for him in the bush, and sent their mates who were masked to go and distract him so that he follows them to where the trap had been set for him.

The masked men went into the school campus and chased out the students and teachers. Major Djounia went after them, as they had planned without his knowledge, and they ran all the way into the bush, where their friends were hiding and waiting. Before the Gendarme Officer knew it, he was surrounded by the men, who seized his gun, shot him to death with it, and disappeared into the thin air."

It should be recalled that GBHS Jakiri was burnt down by the same unknown people over the weekend, who are strongly against school reopening in the regions.

Meanwhile, the gun has still not been found, despite the SDO's 24 hours warning.

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