Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Gun Of Slain Gendarme Officer In Jakiri Found Some Few Meters From The Nso Fon's Palaca

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The gun of the gendarme officer Major Djolai Bienvenue that was used to kill him in Jakiri on Monday Nov. 6, has been found. Sources say the power Nso 'Ngumba juju house' had also given 24 hours to the perpetrators to return the gun, or have themselves to blame, reinforcing the SDO's 24 hours warning.

Knowing the strength of the juju, the presumed assassins took the gun and threw it some few meters away from the Fon's palace, where it was found in the evening of Tuesday Nov.7.

It should be recalled that some masked men invaded GTHS Jakiri on Monday morning, chasing students and teachers out of the campus. Major Djolai who was stationed at the School gate, chased the men out into a distance, not knowing they had laid ambush for him in a nearby bush. By the time he got there, he was surrendered, his gun seized, and used to shoot him with.

His assassins disappeared with the gun and the SDO for Bui gave a 24 hours warning to the criminals to return the gun or face the worse, and the 'Ngumba juju" house also stepped in, before the gun was brought back. 

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