Monday, 20 November 2017

The Administrative Scuffle For The Publication Of ENAM Results Continue - The Differences On The DG's List And The Differences On The Minister's List

The administrative scuffle over the publication of results of the 2017 session of the entrance examination into the National School of Administration and Magistracy - ENAM, will end with the head of one of the administrators rolling on the floor.

Minister Michel Ange Angouing of the Public service, on Thursday Nov. 16, 2017, cancelled the list of 1279 successful candidates in the first part of the exams for the entrance examination, into all sections of the school, published by its Director General, Linus Toussaint Mendjana.

After cancellation of the results, the Minister published his own list on Friday Nov.17, 2017, this time with an additional 448 names, taking the list of successful candidates to 1727.

The Minister justified his cancellation decision, with the fact that the Director General,  'did not respect the laws governing the general system of government competitive examinations,' even after receiving a 'call-to-order' from the Minister.

The additional names on the Minister's list increased the number of successful candidates in all the various sections. Successful candidates in the General Administration section for example, climbed from 277 to 367, with the name of Biya Paul Junior, son of the Head of State President Paul Biya  among.

The tides of the conflict seem to have turned in favour of the Minister, to the detriment of the Director General, as his list, is what is being used for the ongoing Oral part of the exams.

Meanwhile the Oral session of the examination kicked off today,  Nov. 20th, and will run through Friday Nov. 24th 2017.

Among the list of the 1727 successful candidates for the first part, only 405 lucky ones including the two presidential children will be finally admitted in the end.

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