Thursday, 9 November 2017

Tapang Ivo Blasts Sisiku's Press Release Condemning The Killings Of Soldiers And Civilians In Jakiri And Bamenda, Calling It STUPID, But Salutes Cho Ayaba For Claiming Responsibility Of The Killings - Video

Southern Cameroons biggest Socia Media Activist Tapang Ivo Tanku aka General Ivo, who has been scarce recently on Facebook, probably to pay a little attention to his baby born on Oct. 2nd, 2017,  has come out live, encouraging the people fighting back home as usual, while calling on those in the diaspora to claim responsibility for every outcome resulting from reactions from the people against the enemy.

Saluting Cho Ayaba Lucas for claiming responsibility for the recent killings of Gendarme Officers in Jakari and Bamenda, and the congratulating perpetrators of the crime whom he said acted on self defense, Ivo told activists in the diaspora not to be lame ducks, but to support those on the home front, by claiming responsibility for their retaliations outcome.

Ivo's outing  was in reaction to the controversies swirling around Cho Ayaba's press outing,  claiming responsibility for the killings, and  justifying that his boys of the ADF killed the gendarmes because they are their targets.

Blasting the Press release of the Interim Chairman of the  Governing Council Sisiku Julius AyukTabe signed today, Nov. 9th,2017, Ivo said the release is 'silly, wrong and stupid', because according to him, the Cameroon government has perpetrated more killings in Southern Cameroons, forcing people to go and seek refuge in other countries. He further justified that, the Ambazonian boys had to hit back when the opportunity presented itself, by killing their enemies, using their own weapon, therefore there was no need for Sisiku to condemn the act. 

Listen to him:

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