Wednesday, 15 November 2017

SparrowHawk: Former GM Of CAMPOST Found Guilty For Embezzling 153,692 Million FCFA

The drama in the case involving the former Director General of CAMPOST and his collaborators versus the State,  relating to the embezzlement of the sum of  4,578 Billion F CFA(Four Billion, five hundred and seventy eight millions francs) is gradually pulling to a stop.

According to 'La Nouvelle Expresssion' newspaper of Tuesday Nov. 14, during the last audience the State Counsel  Omam Fils made his submissions after investigations, incriminating the DG and two others especially. 

The paper relays that in his submission for findings,the State Counsel said Guillaume Ejangue the former Director General was guilty of embezzling 153,692 Million FCFA(One hundred and fifty three billions six hundred and ninety two million francs). Lisette Ayand Ndong Ebale the Cashier was also  said to  be guilty as well for embezzling the sum of 205.295 Million F CFA(Two hundred and five billion two hundred and ninety five million francs), and Mr. Tegue accused of embezzling  114 million F CFA(One hundred and fourteen million francs).

9 persons were accused in this file, but only the above mentioned three have been appearing in court, since they are in the Yaounde Central prison. The other six have disappeared with the wind, but they too are guilty. 

They are all accused of embezzling more than 4 Billion F CFA from CAMPOST's coffers.

In 2013, the Supreme State Control made an audit report, that the former DG of CAMPOST had wired several postal cheques into his personal account. These cheques were related to salaries of staff fired from the Ministry of Finance.

The audit further reveals that Mme Lisette Ebale was transiting money for subcontractors of CAMPOST into her own personal account, while M. Tegue is accused of making ghost payments into accounts that were not furnished.

The hearing was adjourned to November 22nd, where the accused and their lawyers will be given the chance to plead their case.

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