Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Slave Trade In Libya- 250 Cameroonian Adventurers Return From Algeria

Many Cameroonians leave the country to Europe, to search for greener pastures,  crossing through Africa borders like Algeria, Morocco or Libya. Some make it alive, while others do not live to share their experience. 

Others do not succeed, and so become prisoners of themselves, not knowing what to do. 

250 of them who were stuck in Algeria arrived the Yaounde Nsimalene airport at 11 p.m, thanks to the initiative of the government and the International Organization for Migration - IOM.

They were received at the airport by their relatives, and were each given the sum of 650. 000F CFA(Six hundred and fifty thousand francs), to enable them start life afresh here in the country.

They were also given medical and social check up to be sure they were in good health, especially pregnant women and lactating mothers.

This initiative spearheaded by IOM, has been greatly welcomed by Cameroonians, because in came in at a time when the scandal of how human beings are treated in Libya is making international headlines.

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