Wednesday, 1 November 2017

My Innocence Or Guilt Will Have To Be Established The Governing Council - Millan Atam Talks About The Embezzlement Allegations Against Him

The Ambazonian Governing Council is currently rounding up the conclave that opened last weekend, and which was swirled with controversies, from the resignation of the Secretary General of SCACUF, Millan Atam, to the refusal of accepting Mark Bareta and some other persons in the conclave room and some other wahalas that shocked Southern Cameroonians.

HTL caught up with Millan on Facebook, who said he resigned because of the 'embezzlement allegations' levelled against him .

According to him, the allegations are not only false, but the fact that it came from senior members of the organisations was what pained him most. 

"The allegations are not true, but that is not what matters. The mere fact that I was accused by senior members of the organisations were grave enough. I had to step down as a matter of principle in order to allow for unfettered consideration of the Governing Council." He said.

Asked whether resigning was the only way to prove his innocence, Millan Atam said: "It is not about proving my innocence. It is good governance. My innocence or guilt will have to be established by the Governing Council."

Millan Atam said his resignation was submitted two weeks before the conclave, contrary to reports on Social Media that he resigned during the conclave. He however said: considerations and decisions concerning his  resignation would only be made during the conclave. "I would have preferred the Governing Council to look into the matter earlier, but they preferred to wait until the conclave." He said.

Talking about the misunderstandings that was threatening the organisations, Millan said: "Every family, organisation or government has disagreements every now and then. That is different from division."

He said the conclave was moving well, and that Mark Bareta was present in the hall, despite his misunderstanding with the chairman on Sunday, but most important, all controversies have been cleared.

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