Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Jackie Appiah finally explains why she can’t speak Twi despite being an Ashanti

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Many people who have had an encounter or two with popular Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah will tell you how she is bad at speaking the Twi language. The very language which happens to be her mother tongue.

But the actress has finally come out to clear the air on allegations that she has lost touch with her roots as an Ashanti and a Ghanaian even though she lives in Ghana.

According to Jackie Appiah, she can actually speak Twi and understands the language, she is just not fluent. She explained that it’s partly due to her background and upbringing as well as the kind of people she associates with.
“I can speak twi, I understand but I’m not able to flow as others do, maybe due to my upbringing. I have a Canadian background so that could be one of the reasons.”, she explained.
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“Another is that I mingle with people who speak English and that also is not helping me but don’t worry I know my roots.
Jackie Appiah added she might even produce a twi movie in the coming days.
“For all you know, I might produce a twi movie one of these days,”

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